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KLOS will soon be under the Meruelo umbrella, which in addition to Power and KDAY also includes television channels 22 (KWHY-TV) and 63 (KBEH-TV). An LMA has already begun, meaning that Meruelo is now the operator and soon to be owner of the legendary rock station.

Chairman and CEO Alex Meruelo told, “95.5 KLOS is one of the most iconic Rock stations in the world. We are thrilled to add this legendary brand to our Media Division.”

Meruelo Media President Otto Padron added that KLOS will be “a crown piece in a strategically curated L.A.-focused multimedia portfolio,” stating that the company will “take full advantage of our deep local resources to grow the globally recognized KLOS heritage rock brand for generations to come.”

My understanding is that Meruelo is a pretty decent company. This will be interesting to watch develop.



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