Radio Waves: 2018

April 20 — Mr. Rock and Roll has a special evening planned; Sound A-Z on Spotify; Art Bell passes

April 13 — Legendary DJ Flannigan passes; Where’s Bean?’ Where’s Ladd; I was wrong: KFI really is sounding better

April 6 — Yearwood on the Garth Channel; Stagecoach tickets; Kube promotion; KFI’s celebration

March 23 — iHeart (finally) enters bankruptcy; Big Ron on WNBC

March 16 — Kevin and Bean helping charities; the growth of podcasting; Stern suit dismissed; short takes

March 9 — New channels on SiriusXM; Flashback 40; AM “supporters are depressing

March 2 — Waiting for iHeart’s bankruptcy; Emmis sells St. Louis; losing a gem … maybe

February 23 — Don Imus stepping down; Don Imus gets sued for age discrimination; short takes

February 16 — Problems at Reel Radio; Catherwood found on KROQ mornings; iHeart closer to bankruptcy; buying me a station

February 9 — How consolidation failed; local changes; please, SiriusXM, stop with the awful promos

February 2 — Holiday ratngs

January 26 — Chanley fills in afternoons at 88.5; Kaplan leaves the PD post at Alt; would anyone notice or care if the impotent and worthless FCC shut down?; WKRP creator Hugh Wilson dies

January 19 — Sotelo and Moote to host mornings on Amp; Kevin on Amp; KCAL cuts staff

January 12 — Chen to the new 88.5 FM; reception problems with SiriusXM; my own son disses radio

January 5 — Hilly Rose passes; success, then failure, at 100.3 FM