Radio Waves: 3/16/18

Kevin and Bean Raising Funds

KROQ (106.7 FM) morning team Kevin and Bean are raising money for the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund and Cedars-Senai NICU this year through the now sold-out 10th annual “Kevin and Bean’s April Foolishness” show, a charity event being held this year on Saturday, March 31st at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles.

On hand for the show will be Doug Benson, Adam Devine, Bryan Callen, Jeff Garlin, Gabriel Iglesias, Mike Relm and Sarah Tiana. Over the past nine years, the show has raised more that $1 million for charity.

The Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund serves United States military personnel suffering the effects of a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). Cedars-Sinai NICU is designed to address the needs of critically ill babies, premature newborns or infants requiring close observation.

Podcasting Growth

Over the air radio is still king as far as listening entertainment goes, but podcasting is on the move. A study from Edison Research and Triton Digital reports that 44% of people aged 12 and over have listened to a podcast and 22% say the car is the place they most often listen.

Podcasting is akin to television’s digital video recorders, offering on-demand entertainment. Radio digital recording can be accomplished on line as well, using various programs. I wonder if or when an easy-to-use (per haps portable) audio recorder will be developed for recording radio stations on the fly. Or if there is a market considering what is available on line.

Go to most radio station websites and you can usually find recordings of the station’s best bits form that day. Will podcasting replace radio? Doubtful. Will it complement it? It already does.


A 2017 lawsuit filed against SiriusXM personality Howard Stern and the United States government by Judith Barrigas has been dismissed by a U. S. District Court.

The suit stemmed from a phone call that aired on Stern’s show in which Barrigas’ conversation with IRS agent Jimmy Forsyth — she had called to ask questions related to taxes — was heard over the air on Stern’s show when Forsyth’s own call to Stern got taken off hold and run live.

Forsyth didn’t realize that he was off hold with Stern, Stern and co-host Robin Quivers didn’t realize at first what was going on when they overheard the conversation, and Barrigas had no knowledge anything was unusual until someone called to tell her that her conversation that included her telephone number was heard by Stern listeners nationwide.

In the end, Judge Allison Burroughs ruled March 9th that Stern didn’t intentionally air private information, and that the IRS agent’s “inadvertent disclosure” was covered by an exemption shielding the government from liability for actions by an employee.

Short Takes

As I write this, a Monday midnight deadline to make a deal with creditors had come and gone with no word on the fate of iHeart Media as it moves toward bankruptcy. That’s too bad. I was hoping we would hear the good news that giant corporate McRadio was over and local owners would return.

Against hope, an eviction notice was sent to the Ports O’ Call Restaurant in San Pedro. The eviction includes the internet podcasting LA Radio Studio next door that the restaurant’s owner has been supporting in the public interest for the past few years. Negotiations continue, though so perhaps all is not lost. A public meeting regarding the development will take place March 20 from 6 to 7:30 p.m. at the Warner Grand Theater on 6th Street in downtown San Pedro.

K-Surf now has an FM translator, so people in the area of coverage – Calabasis to Reseda – can hear oldies on 98.3 FM. I’m not sure how the coverage of the FM signal compares with the AM, which also carries a digital HD stream that sounds phenomenal. The station can also be heard on line and as a secondary HD channel on 105.1 HD2, if you own an HD radio.