Radio Waves: 9/28/18

Bob Goodman presents a reason to have an HD Radio

You probably don’t know the name Bob Goodman. But you should … he is the host of a program called Whole “Nuther Thing, a program you might call a flashback to the early days of FM radio heard locally on KCSN’s (88.5 FM) HD2 digital stream as well as on line at, via the TuneIn app, on iTunes, Mixcloud, and at Podomatic.Com.

Goodman hails from New York City and cut his teeth on early FM. His program aired on the former KSBR since 1984; last year when Saddleback College’s KSBR merged with Cal State Northridge’s KCSN, the program was moved – along with the rest of KSBR’s programming – to the simulcast’s digital HD2 stream, which means you have to have a special HD radio to hear t over the air. Indeed, it is one of the reasons to buy an HD radio.

But as with so much of radio today, online is where its at, and Goodman says that he’s averaging 2000 downloads and plays each week on Podomatic alone, placing the program in the top-200 out of the service’s tens of thousands of available programs. In the category of “freeform,” he is often number one.

“My show is true ‘free-form’ radio,” Goodman explained to me recently. “All genres of music are featured in hand-mixed sets. I refer to it as ‘radio the way it ought to be.’”

A recent show featured songs from William Devaughn, War, Earth Wind & Fire, Dave Brubeck, Steely Dan, Doobie Brothers, Graham Parker, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, John Mellencamp, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Ram Jam, ZZ Top, Billy Squire, Mark Knopfler, Chris Isaak, Garland Jeffreys, Procol Harum, Rod Stewart & The Faces, The Eagles, Pat Metheny, Neil Young, George Harrison, Lovin’ Spoonful, and many more. Eclectic? Absolutely.

Goodman’s voice is reminiscent of early FM freeform or underground radio as well. In fact, he sounds like he could be found on any of the stations that set the stage for FM’s success: KMPX and KSAN in San Francisco, KPPC and KMET here in Los Angeles.

His early radio work was in New York City as General Manager of Hunter College’s campus station. From there he moved to Long Island’s WCRN as Music Director, eventually making the trip out West to the former KSRF (now KDLD, 103.1 FM), back to New York and then finally Philadelphia … all during the 1960s when FM radio was experimenting with formats trying to attract an audience in the days of AM dominance.

The program is a wonderful mix of musical styles that is thoroughly enjoyable to hear. You can listen to each show live every Saturday from 3-7 p.m. or download/stream the podcasts at your leisure; Goodman says that archives go back six months on TuneIn and MixCloud; three years at

“I’ve got listeners all over the world with an especially large following in UK,” Goodman told me. If you haven’t listened yet, give it a whirl and let me know what you think. I think it’s great. I’m not sure why KCSN’s Sky Daniels hasn’t put it on the main signal for 88.5 FM, but for now, it’s worth the trouble to find.

Ring of Honor

Longtime (Spanish) voice of the Los Angeles Dodgers Jaime Jarrin has been inducted into the team’s Ring of Honor, the 12th person to be inducted and the second broadcaster as he joins Vin Scully in the Ring.

Jarrin will have his name permanently affixed to Dodger Stadium.

The longtime broadcaster has been with the Dodgers since 1959, and will be with them at least through 2020 … his contract was just renewed last week. He is as beloved by his audience as is Vin Scully, who retired in 2016.