Radio Waves: 11/1/19

Changes at Amp

Top-40 formatted Amp Radio (97.1 FM) is “going in a new direction” according to an Instagram post from now former morning host Edgar “Shoboy” Sotelo. Sotelo’s last day was October 24th. 

The departure led to a host shuffle at the station, with former afternoon drive jock Chris Booker joining the remaining morning team members Chelsea Briggs and Krystal Bee, Yesi Ortiz moving from mid-days to afternoon drive, and weekender Christen taking over middays. No musical changes are expected.

A Lot Like Christmas

SiriusXM set a new world record for early starts … holiday music is already on the air.

The Hallmark Channel Radio (Channel 70) kicked off the season October 25th, and 12 more holiday music channels were scheduled to start November 1st, including Holly (Channel 65 until December 5th; Channel 30 after that) and Holiday Traditions (Channel 73).

Whether you want rock, pop, pops, classical, oldies, or soul, SiriusXM has you covered, so you can get into the holiday spirit as you eat Halloween candy and shop for Thanksgiving dinner. See the full lineup at SiriusXM.Com.

Now we have to wait and see when KOST (103.5 FM) makes the move. Should we start a pool?

Too Many Freaks

The Woody Show on Alt 98.7 is one of the real treats of local radio. But the talented team of friends seems a bit too fixated on freaks.

I am specifically talking about a segment on the show called Freak of the Week, in which the team reads somewhat perverted adult ads and asks listeners to vote on the best one of the week … the “freak” of the week.

It’s actually a funny segment. Where it jumps the shark is this time of year when they set up the “freak of the year” contest. It’s just too much both in concept and air time, as the repetition of the readings gets boring and stale. If a particularly “freaky” ad wins in various “rounds,” you might hear it multiple times. It essentially takes a great bit and kills it … not in a good way.

My suggestion: bring back the First World Problems bit, and keep the Freak bit a weekly-only contest …

Delays Again

Due to some changes inside the location where the LA Radio “mobile” studio is to be housed, studio manager Michael Stark says the re-launch of the radio production service has been delayed again.

The Studio was once housed in a building adjacent to the Ports ‘O Call Restaurant in San Pedro, but had to move when the restaurant and most of the other building in the Ports ‘O Call Village were demolished to make way for the San Pedro Public Market, which will supposedly someday be built on the former Village property.

Numerous podcasts, including “Radio Waves” hosted by Stark and Yours Truly, are on hiatus until the studio returns to operation. The good news – the new studio, which is indeed mobile (with a bit of work), is complete. All it needs is a parking place.

Tribute to Mom

Were it not for my mother, this column probably wouldn’t exist, at least authored by me. My Mom, Kathy, supported me (and the rest of the family) in all our endeavors, including my decision to enroll at Cal State Long Beach primarily to work at the university’s former student station KSUL, and my decision too transfer to UCLA primarily to work at student-run KLA (now internet UCLARadio.Com). 

She traveled with me up to Mammoth Mountain when I interviewed to work at KMMT, was excited for me when I was offered a job, and supported my decision to turn it down when I realized I’d lose money working there. And she was proud of my writing this column when I decided to do it partly as a way to stay in touch with programmers as I continued to try to land a radio job. She loved that I wrote it, even though she didn’t always read it. And eventually I realized I better not get an actual radio job … the writing, as they say, was on the wall. She supported that decision too.

My Mom passed away just a few hours ago as I write this. Just shy of her 90th birthday, she had a good a life and a tremendously positive influence on her family, friends and anyone else who’s life she touched. Parkinson’s Disease wreaked havoc with her body and mind but she stayed strong until the end. I will miss her, but I know she is in a better place now. I love you, Mom.