Radio Waves: 11/22/19

KRTH Takes it All

Los Angeles loves oldies, based on the recently released Nielsen Ratings. For the month of October, KRTH (101.1 FM) dominated the local ratings with a 5.9 share of the audience, continuing an upward trend that began in July.

Adult Contemporary KOST (103.5 FM) was 2nd at 5.2, though that will change now that we are in the holiday season and KOST has already begun airing holiday music … expect KOST to jump to the top by the next release.

Right behind was KOST sister-station KBIG (104.3 FM) — playing what is known as “hot adult contemporary” music — at 3rd and 4.9; The Wave was 4th at 4.5, and Spanish “hot AC” station KLVE (107.5 FM) coming in 5th at 4.0.

That’s kind of an interesting top-five, when you think of it. The top-rated station is playing the hits that KIIS-FM (102.7 FM) played in the 1980s, while the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place stations are all some form of adult top-40. Are there any young radio listeners in town?

Well of course there are, eventually … after one more station designed to appeal to adults — Jack-FM (KCBS-FM, 93.1) — you finally get to KIIS-FM in 7th place at 3.6. That’s shocking. What does radio need to do to attract younger listeners in order to have, well, a future?

KFI (640 AM) won the talk — and AM band — wars again, coming in at 8th with a 3.3 share, the highest rating of any AM station in town. The next-highest AM was KNX (1070 AM), which was tied with country music station Go Country 105 (KKGO 105.1 FM) for 12th at 2.6. There is not another AM station on the list until all-sports KLAC (570 AM) shows up at 25th.

Alt 98.7 FM (KYSR) beat out KROQ (106.7 FM) for alternative-music listeners, but it was fairly close and knowing the way ratings are calculated, it probably is statistically insignificant in spite of giving Alt bragging rights. For the month, Alt was 16th at 2.5, while KROQ was tied with KSCA and KXOL, coming in 19th at 2.2.

Contemporary Christian KKLQ (100.3 FM) earned its highest rating since adopting the satellite-delivered format two years ago, tying with Spanish “adult hits” KLYY (97.5 FM) at 22nd with a 2.1 audience share. Talk KABC (790M AM) earned its highest rating in recent memory, tied with Spanish variety station KWIZ (96.7 FM) at 35th with a 0.7 share. 

Each rating is an estimate of the percentage of listeners, aged 6 and over, tuned to a station between the hours of 6 a.m. and 12 midnight. 

1. KRTH (5.9) 2. KOST (5.2) 3. KBIG (4.9) 4. KTWV “The Wave” (4.5) 5. KLVE (4.0) 6. KCBS-FM “Jack FM” (3.8) 7. KIIS-FM (3.6) 8. KFI (3.3) 9. KLAX, KLOS, KRCD (3.2)

12. KKGO “Go Country,” KNX (2.6) 14. KPWR “Power 106,” KRRL “Real 92.3,” KYSR “Alt 98.7” (2.5) 17. KAMP “Amp Radio,” KPCC (2.4) 19. KROQ, KSCA, KXOL (2.2)

22. KKLQ, KLYY (2.1) 24. KBUE (1.9) 25. KLAC (1.8) 26. KUSC (1.7) 27. KUSC (1.5) 28. KLLI “Cali 93.9” (1.4) 29. KDAY, KRLA (1.3)

31. KCRW (1.2) 32. KSPN (1.1) 33. KEIB, KKJZ “K-Jazz” (0.8) 35. KABC, KWIZ (0.7) 37. KFWB (0.6) 38. KFSH “The Fish” (0.5) 39. KCSN “88-5 FM,” KDLD (0.4) 41. KHJ, KKLA, KTNQ (0.3) 44. KIRN, KSUR “K-Surf”,” KWKW, KYLA (0.2) 48. KLYY Stream, KPFK (0.1)

Where’s Aron

Reader Nathan Terlip asks, Any explanation for the sudden departure of Aron Bender from KFI? Staff say they aren’t allowed to talk about it and all his social media accounts have been disabled.”

A search comes up with nothing other than a supposed statement from someone at KFI stating that he is off “until further notice.” So far I’ve been able to find nothing. But if I do find anything, I’ll let you know. You do the same …