Radio Waves: April 8, 2022

Your Favorite App Stations

Two weeks ago I asked for some suggestions regarding what online streams and/or podcasts you liked. Here are some musically tasty treats:

“Love your column in the Press Enterprise. 

“We use StreamS to listen to Brad “Martini” Chambers and Miriam give us some fun in our mornings. Since it’s a subscription station it’s sort of a family. He usually comes to LA once a week every month and does some great studio interviews like Steve Tyrell, Dave Damiani, Jonny Blu, etc. 

“Thanks to Brad we have become friends with many of the artists who carry on the American Songbook today. They are called The Wolfpack (the new Rat Pack), led by Dave Damiani with Landau Eugene Murphy, Sal Valentinetti, Jonny Blu, James Torme, Haley Reinhart, and Renee Olstead. It’s great fun to listen in and hear the classics and the new artists carry on the music.”  — Joe B 

Chambers should be programming an on-air station, and the fact that he isn’t is an indictment of radio. While at KLAC (570 AM) and XETRA (690 AM), he not only got ratings and brought new listeners to the AM band, he was successful at bringing younger people to the format via playing standards from contemporary artists. 

“I don’t remember how I found this site, but they are 3 stations in 1 from the University of Pennsylvania that is such an eclectic mix! I’m an elder, but get so tired of ‘classic rock’ stations, and this has opened up such new stuff to me! PLEASE give it a long listen! Thanks!” — Sonni Hopkins

I feel the same way … I get tired of the same songs over and over. Frankly, I actually like new music and there is some research I’ll share at a later date claiming that listening to new music is actually good for your brain.

“Oldies – Big 8 (programmed by radio vet Charlie O’Brien)

“Indie rock-  BAGeL Radio (live-hosted 480 Minutes show, originating on Fridays, is ‘The Place’ to go for breaking new music mixed with deep-cuts classic alternative) Both are available via several streaming aggregators as well as directly at the own websites. Cheers! —Mark, London, UK

Wow … a true long distance listener!

“Some time back you wrote about Accuradio. Another very similar service is SomaFM ( Like Accuradio they offer a variety of stations, and like Accuradio they claim that their music is hand-selected and not generated by algorithm. I have listened to some of their stations and haven’t like many of them much, but one I really do enjoy is Left Coast 70s. It’s roughly similar to Yacht Rock in SiriusFM. Left Coast 70s is available via TuneIn, so it makes it easy to listen to on my Amazon Echo.

“By the way, I have The Mellow Sound set up as an Alexa routine, so I just say ‘Alexa, play the Tribute Station.’ That works much better as Alexa easily gets confused about stations on myTunerRadio.” — Mike Christie, Hemet

It’s an art sometimes getting some stations to play on smart speakers, but well worth the time. The shortcut you mention (and a similar one with the others) is a great way to make it work better.

“We found Q102.3 Palm Springs when we were there a few years ago. It is a locally owned radio station that plays classic rock and we LOVE it. Hope you like it as well.” — Tish Husak

KRHQ is available on TuneIn and the station website at

“I watched a movie, ‘Music In Exile’ about the effects of Hurricane Katrina at the end of November 2021. Two public radio stations were mentioned, WWOZ (90.7 FM)  in New Orleans and KRVS (88.7 FM) in Lafayette.  Both play all the types of music I love. I was able to find them on the Radio Garden app and stream them frequently via my phone and JBL Bluetooth speaker. I also listen to Xpression3.16 and Radio Panamericana from Peru as my wife is from there and we both enjoy the music.” — Bob Beberfall, Ontario, CA

I have to try the Radio Garden app … you are not the first to suggest it.

“Enjoy your column immensely. Here are my favorite streaming radio stations:; WWOZ for New Orleans music; and WPKN and WKZE  for eclectic” — Bob Andrews, Huntington Beach

WWOZ, WPKN and WKZE are all found on the various tuner apps.

“One of my favorite online stations is KFXM 98.3 Lancaster. An oldies that is similar to K-Earth of days past. Not being able to get 91X here on LA radio it is another fav …  Both are on MyTunerRadio and other apps. — Bill “telephonebill” Lodge, Redondo Beach 

“My wife and I have close ancestral ties to England which may explain why our musical tastes are somewhat reserved.

“1.  Smooth Radio London (FM 102.2).

“2.  Exclusive Radio, from Dubai. Over 500 “stations” of a wide variety of music. No commercials, just a brief station ID between songs. Our favorite station is the Moody Blues.

“3.  Classic FM, London. Perfect for a quiet Sunday morning.  Includes interesting background about the classical music they play.

“We enjoy your weekly columns in the Riverside Press Enterprise.” — R/John, Riverside.  

“I saw you asking for people’s favorite online station and thought I’d offer mine. It’s I used to listed to it on AM when there and then on HD radio, but now listen via app or online at home. The songs of my life are always good to hear again.”  — Susan B

“I have been listening to the ACCU Radio app quite frequently since you had it in your column. They have quite a range, and I listen to new music, to me anyway, almost every day.

“There is a great radio station that I listen to out of Auckland, New Zealand. It is ‘The Sound.’ I like to listen to it over the website at, but it can also be found on myTuner and TuneIn Radio. — Jere Seitz

All great suggestions … keep them coming; I’ll check all of them out.