Radio Waves: 2015

December 25 — a look back at radio: 2015

December 18 — iHeart debt reduction plan; more on the Cinder; Sounds of the Season

December 11 — New co-host for Seacrest; ’80s oldies dominate ratings; bad commercials

December 4 — Holidays sounds; Rivera and Leykis; corrections and clarifications

November 27 — PPB honors Bob Eubanks and Stephanie Edwards; reader mail

November 20 — Jonsie’s Jukebox on KLOS; recreating that “AM sound.”

November 13 — The Sound’s Beasing speaks at high school Career Day; KABC changes; Cumulus death watch; Christmas music on SiriusXM; remembering Healy; funding Reel Radio

November 6 — KABC panel at SPERDVAC; Art Bell to KABC; “Saving” AM radio

October 30 — Fake bits in the morning

September 4 — KRTH fires three longtime personalities; channel changes at SiriusXM

May 1 — The birth of the Boss

March 6 — Lisa May removed from Kevin and Bean Show

February 27 — Cutbacks at local stations hit veterans; ratings quickies; FM station anniversary

February 20 — Remembering Gary Owens; finding Old School

February 13 — Hot gets Big and Real; Leykis the Valentine romantic

February 6 — Golden Mike winners; more changes at KABC

January 30 — The Sound’s new Mark

January 23 — Honoring Rick Dees

January 16 — Changes at KABC; Leykis offers his show up for auction

January 9 — Early rock music on KHJ; Marketing on the Big 93

January 2 — Shotgun Tom does the Tonight Show from his garage; DJ Master Control