Radio Waves: 12/15/17

K-SURF Bumper Stickers Arrive

LA Oldies K-SURF (1260 AM, 105.1 digital HD2) has been moving up the ratings in spite of a signal that struggles to reach much of Los Angeles and little promotion. The latest Nielsen ratings had the station at 0.7 overall, and I am told that weekends are even more impressive.

Now you can show your support for the only station in town that focusses on early (earlier) rock and roll from the 1950s through the early 1970s. As announced on the K-SURF website:

“The long awaited L.A. Oldies K-Surf bumper stickers and window clings are here! If you’d like one, just send a self-addressed stamped envelope, along with whether you’d like the sticker or cling” to the station’s mailing address, L.A. Oldies 1260 K-Surf Promotions Department, PO Box 250028, Los Angeles, CA 90025.

Owner Saul Levine says the response has been strong.

Talk Back

Lots of emails this week, most centering on KABC (790 AM). Could it be that the station’s signal is hurting ratings?

“First, thank you for your radio section, well done! Regarding KABC radio, it’s my opinion that the reason that it has remained stagnant in the ratings is that the station doesn’t come in Anywhere! Until recently this year, I’d travel to Tehachapi, Oxnard, Ventura and Palmdale often, listening to KABC, KRLA, and KFI, switching around. KABC just can’t be heard well.

“So I started wondering if that’s an obvious reason they don’t earn great ratings: people cannot hear the station!” — Jillian Clark

That is certainly a possibility for at least part of the difference. But KABC dropped over the years with essentially the same signal notwithstanding the changes made in the past year when the station changed transmitter sites. So while it may be part of the problem, it isn’t all of it.

It seems there is not a lot of love for Jillian Barberie, co host with John Phillips on KABC’s afternoon The Drive Home, at least judging by the emails:

“I am hopeful that the announcer, Jillian, will soon not be a member of the Drive Home radio show on KABC. The reason is that her banter is shallow and does not add anything of value to the discussion.” — Richard Greenblatt

“Couldn’t agree more that Jillian is a real detriment to that time slot. I love, love, love John Phillips. But that bimbo is such an ignorant air head. When she starts commenting – usually totally with no apparent idea of what she’s talking about – I just change stations. He’s GREAT; she’s a total zero. Thanks for letting me vent.” — Geri Morgan, La Habra, CA

“While I enjoy all your columns, none were as great as your recent take on removing Jillian Barberie from the Drive Home and let John Phillips do the show on his own. YES!!! I share that same sentiment, vehemently!!! SHE IS TIRESOME! I only listen, because I am such a fan of Phillips.

“She has a high opinion of her opinions, as ADHD surpasses any of her other despicable lack of manners and her over use of ‘I.’ When I can, I turn off every ad she reads; I have even gone to one of the advertisers to end my support. How are her bosses not aware of her continual rudeness of interrupting EVERY guest and John incessantly? In a word … she is boorish! I’m counting on your influence to reach the influential.” — Mari

And finally, a letter of love for K-Love:

“Believe it or not, I’m not the only one out here loving K-LOVE:

“You have so many rock stations already – please don’t begrudge us our Christian music – It’s the only one we’ve got.” –Lynn Mead, Mission Hills

Missing Link

Last week’s mention of Wink Martindale on KFWB neglected to include the link to the recording. Sure you could have searched on Airchexx.Com, but this is easier: Sorry for the omission.