Radio Waves: July 24, 2020

Carly Simon special on KNX-FM

One of the joys of the Summer — and it has been even more apparent during the COVID shutdowns and restrictions — is the ability to tune in to the recreation of the Mellow Sound as heard on KNX-FM (now KCBS-FM, 93.1) on the internet, via online streaming, a smart phone, or a smart speaker. 

Full disclosure: There are actual two recreations with a slightly different feel, one at and another at Both are worthy, but in this instance I am referring to the latter.

Back in the 1970s, the original KNX-FM would occasionally produce showcase specials on some of the artists played. In July of 1978, the station was able to score a rare, sit-down interview with Carly Simon, one of the big stars of the day and one of the Mellow Sound’s core artists. 

Says Douglas Brown, one of the volunteers who makes tick, “Lucky for us today, the show’s writer and host Christopher Ames saved the tape! So we are going to play it exactly 42 years later!”

It’s called An Evening with Carly Simon, an hour-long program of Simon’s words and music, presented with no commercials. It will air on at 5 p.m. Monday, July 27. If you miss it on the actual 42-year anniversary date, you can hear it on the repeat: July 31 at 5 p.m.

It’s funny that this happened to come up when it did. I recently happened to be listening to a recording of Mark Elliot on KHJ (930 AM) from about the same year, and one of the promos was for the KHJ Special of the Month, which also spotlighted artists special to the audience. I will bring these back when I buy my station … but I digress.

If you were a fan of the Mellow Sound or of Simon, this is required listening. And if you find yourself feeling down with everything that is happening in the world, give the station a listen. It definitely lifts my mood.


I haven’t noticed it here yet, but according to the Fort Worth Star Telegram, ratings for news and talk stations in Dallas-Fort Worth are down 25 percent. The reason? “People are just overwhelmed,” according to podcaster Jody Dean.

News and talk stations are down, says the newspaper, while music stations are up.



“I have a recommendation for you after discovering this station a few weeks ago while running in Palm Springs with my little Sony radio: Q102.3 Classic Rock (KRHQ/Palm Desert)

“Best radio station that I have heard since The Sound went to Christian Radio. It is awesome. Give it a try – you might discover a new favorite. — Tish Husak

In the interest of honesty, Tish sent me this letter over a year ago and I found it when clearing out my email boxes. But the station is indeed still on the air, and you can hear it at

The playlist is typical classic rock but it’s a good mix: songs I heard while sampling include Caught Up in You (.38 Special), Rebel Rebel (David Bowie), Running on Empty (Jackson Brown), Locomotive Breath (Jethro Tull), Fool for the City (Foghat), Black Betty (Ram Jam), My Sharona (The Knack), and Breakdown (Tom Petty).

Like most good stations I have found over the past few years, the station is locally owned. 

“Just wanted to email you to thank you for the Radio columns I the Register. As a guy who grew up in 60’s Los Angeles listening to KHJ and occasionally KRLA, it’s somewhat rival, it is always great to read about the history and personalities of the era as well as the other locations not only in Southern California (KLAC with Bill Balance and Jim Healy at 5:30) but also around the country. I went to school n the East Coast and really enjoyed WNEW out of NYC in the 80’s.

“Keep up the great work. Thank you for the news and unfortunately blues of the theater of the mind.” — Paul Reza

This is why I do it. I love radio, and I love promoting what I consider good radio. The industry is going through a challenging time, but as the large companies get broken up either by legislative action as they should, or by economic realities as they are, I fully believe the industry will come back stronger. My son even asked to borrow a radio he can listen to … the first time he has done so in at least a decade. That must mean something